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Peace, Love & Pancake Balls!
Katalina's Cafe

Large Orders & Delivery

Katalina's catering menu is available on a limited basis with 48-hour notice. Not available during peak hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Minimum $200 plus 20% delivery charge or 10% service charge (Service charge covers: Gratuity for kitchen staff and delivery driver in the case of delivery; Katalina's branded buffet-style catering "boxes" are used for bulk items. Red serving tongs are included for large servings of Katalina's Original Pancake Balls and Salads. Utensils, boats (plates) and napkins are included (please note how many people will be eating)). Individual boxed lunches are served individually. 50% deposit is due at time of order.

Email customerservice@katalinascafe.com.


Boxed Lunches: 

Choice of: Katalina's Puebla BLT with Regular or Sweet 'N' Spicy Bacon or Pimento Please Sandwich on 9-Grain Bread with Shagbark Chips 10.95 


Katalina's Original Pancake Balls™ with Nutella, Dulce de Leche or Pumpkin Apple Butter & Milligan's Maple Syrup with Katalina's Sweet 'N' Spicy or Beeler's thick-cut regular bacon 12.50 (7 per order or 1.55 each)



Half Sandwiches with Snack-Size Bags of Shagbark GMO-free Corn Chips

Note: Half sandwiches are usually enough for one person. Must be ordered in even numbers.

Choice of :


Mazatlan Pork & Egg 6.95

Katalina’s most award-winning sandwich with slow-roasted Beeler’s pork in Katalina’s secret sauce, plus fried eggs, local Amish provolone, avocado, roasted red peppers & aioli on two HUGE pieces of toasted Old World loaf. No joke! *Make it vegetarian with veggie sausage!

Latina Sandwich 6.25

Katalina’s Original thick-cut Sweet ‘N’ Spicy BaconTM or Beeler’s bacon, plus two fried eggs, housemade tomatillo sauce, melted local Amish cheddar & Snowville crema on toasted sourdough. *Make it vegetarian with veggie sausage!


Sunrise Sammy 6.25

A vegetarian twist on Katalina’s famous Mazatlan Pork & Egg Sandwich with fried eggs, Amish provolone, avocado, roasted red peppers, housemade ranchero sauce & Citrus-Lime Aioli on toasted Old World loaf. No joke!



Build-Your-Own Shagbark Black Bean Tacos  3.75 each

A local Koki’s white corn tortilla filled with Shagbark black beans, avocado, fresh corn, sprouts, red onions, local live greens, housemade pico de gallo & Katalina’s 3-Herb Lime Vinaigrette. With Mexican Cob Corn.

*ºAdd Snowville crema & queso fresco

**Add Katalina’s Sriracha Veganaise

*ºAdd veggie sausage

Build-Your-Own BLT Tacos  3.95 each

A local Koki’s blue corn tortilla with Beeler’s bacon, housemade pico, avocado, fresh corn, local greens & Sriracha Aioli. With Especial Creamed Corn.

*ºMake it vegetarian with veggie sausage!

**ºMake it vegan without bacon & with Sriracha Veganaise.


Stoplight Salata  4.95 per person

A smaller version of Katalina’s Stoplight Salata. Fresh corn, local greens, ripe roma tomatoes, avocado, red onions, spiced pepitas & Katalina’s 3-Herb Lime Vinaigrette with fresh mint, basil & cilantro.


Shagbark GMO-Free Corn Chips & Pico  4.95 per person

Pimento Please Dip & Shagbark Chips  7.95 per person

Savannah’s pimento cheese dip with housemade aioli, Amish cheddar, roasted red peppers & North Market Spices Paprika.


Orange Juice: eight 12-ounce servings in a beverage dispenser with cups $35

Thunderkiss Coffee: eight 12-ounce servings in a coffee dispenser with cups $35

Thunderkiss Cold Coffee Toddies: eight 12-ounce servings in a beverage dispenser with cups $38